Why tiles?
Map format
More Maps
Creating tiles
More tiles
The Hero
Keys to Move
Hit the wall
Open the door
Stupid enemy
More on enemy
Shoot him
Getting items
Moving tiles
More scrolling
Isometric view
Mouse to move
Iso mouse
Iso scroll
Rotated hero
Rotated ground
More pathfinding

Source flas


Creative Commons License
All content on the "Tile based games" website (including text, actionscript code, and any other original works), is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Here you can read some tutorials about making tile based games with Macromedia Flash.

These tutorial are heavily based on OutsideOfSociety tutorials by Klas Kroon. Go and read them anyway, those are one of best you can find.

These tutorials expect you to know something about actionscript and Macromedia Flash. They might be too hard to understand, if you never before made any games with Flash. And as my English is not very good, there are probably lots of mistakes and some parts might not be well explained. Im sorry, I do my best. If you find bugs or mistakes, let me know.

I have used Flash5 to create the code and source files. Mainly because I am used to Flash5 and I work fast with it. The code and source files work well in FlashMX (ver6) too, you shouldnt have problems with them. The FlashMX2004 (ver7) with new AS2 is not compatible with older actionscript, so the code might fail. It might work too, but generally, if you really want to use AS2, you should write new code yourself. The principles, of course, you can still use, so it might be worth look through the tutorials anyway.

Examples and code and source files presented here are free to use under CC license.

You can download all the tutorials in the Word doc or pdf format here.

I hope someone finds something useful here :)

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